Workspace Health Monitoring Gadget

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Workspace Health Monitoring Gadget


An open-source device that can monitor 8+ key environmental factors that affect people's perception of a healthy and productive workspace:

  • Temperature

  • Pressure

  • eCO2

  • Humidity

  • Brightness

  • Noise

  • TVOC

  • PM 2.5um

Code and hardware is a prototype, no guarentee of any sort is implied. Use at your own risk.


  1. Monitor 8 environmental factors

    1. Central processing of all sensor data

  2. Record the telemetry locally

    1. 24-hour rolling log

    2. Store on microSD card

  3. Display the telemetry locally

    1. Display new data point every 3 seconds

  4. Transmit telemetry to web-based cloud service

    1. Send latest sensor readings every 10 minutes

Bill of Materials

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